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Horned God Ritual - Morgana Magick Spell

 At Yuletide the Wiccan Horned God is the male ruler that is most often honored. Who is this wild God who roams the forests and loves and protects the Goddess and all her children? He is called the God of the Wicca, Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Dionysus, and by many other names. He is the ancient God of fertility:  the God of the forest, flock, field, and hunt. He is Lord of Life, and He gives life, He is also Lord of Death and Resurrection. He is the hunter and the hunted, the light and the darkness.  

This ritual is best if done outdoors, but if that's not an option, indoors is fine!

Set up your Altar with your ritual blade, a tealight candle in each quarter (north, south, east, and west), two glasses of red wine (one for the Horned God and one for you), bread, fruit, and a bowl of moon or blessed water. You may also add incense, acorns, pinecones, branches, flowers, or anything else that is of the natural world. Place a candle in the center of your Altar to represent the Horned God.

When you are ready, sit before your Altar and meditate on nature. Listen to the sound of the wind and the birds, or envision forests, streams, and wild places. Light the candle and the incense, and pick up your ritual blade.

In your own words, state that a ritual dedicated to the Horned God is about to begin, that you honor him and wish for him to be present during your rite. Tell him you've prepared offerings (the pinecones, branches, flowers, etc.)

Cast a Circle in your usual manner or trace out a clockwise circle with your blade. At the same time, project light through the knife into the Circle.

Purify the Circle with Moon Water by walking clockwise around it and sprinkling it over the Circle boundary. Envision the water burning away all unwanted energies.

Light the Quarter candles, beginning with the eastern tealight candle and moving clockwise while chanting: "I summon, stir, and call you up, Mighty Ones of the east (south, west, north), to witness the rites and to guard the Circle."

Close your eyes and spend a moment connecting with nature. Allow yourself to tune into the wild power of nature. Gently bring to your awareness the Elements that you have summoned also. Take note of anything you feel, see, smell or hear, for within the Magick Circle, all is significant.

When you are ready, spread your arms and summon the Horned God:

"I call out to you!
 Oh Horned God, ancient one, the oldest spirit on earth!
I invoke you, I conjure you! I summon you!
I call you now!
Fill my Circle with your magick power!
 Oh Horned God!
Oh Horned God!
Oh Horned one!
Come to me...come to me...come to me...
I Invoke you, oh mighty spirit.
 By seed and root, by stem and bud,
By leaf and flower and fruit,
 By life and love,
Do I invoke you to descend into this Circle.

Spend a moment and "feel" the presence that you have summoned. Then in your own words, acknowledge His presence, welcome Him and tell Him that the offerings on your Altar are His.

Allow some time to pass as the Horned God enjoys his offerings, takes a spiritual bite of the bread and fruit, and sips his glass of wine.

Raise up your own wine glass and ask the Horned God to bless and empower the wine with His energy, and then drink the whole glass until it's empty. Say something like: I have taken in the blessings of the ancient Horned One, may His power flow through me! Blessed Be!

Spend some time basking in the energy of the Horned God, and be open to any messages or intuitions you may receive.

When ready, thank the Horned God for his presence and prepare to Open the Circle.

Using the tip of your Ritual Blade, snuff each Quarter candle in turn, starting in the north, then south, east, and west while saying:  Thank you for your attendance, and before you depart to your lovely realms, I wish you hail and farewell!

Using your Ritual Blade and beginning in the north, trace the Circle counterclockwise, drawing the energy back inside your blade.

State that the ritual is over, and thank the Horned God once again before you leave.

The offerings should be left outdoors, and the wine poured out onto the ground.

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  • Lycanthropy the soothsayer le déc. 19, 2022

    Greetings Morgana, I have received your words of mysticism and have acted upon as such. The Horned God has blessed me and my Stella Rosa Black Red Wine, and I am a little dizzy. Is this a common side effect of The Horned Gods’ Blessing? Mayhaps, I shall invoke the Spirits and partake in the ritual again. I shall reset my candles and get 4 more for the Cardinal directions that you have missed in your instructions. Good morrow and may your Spirits forever guide you on your journey to custody of your offspring’s.

  • Necromancer Goddess Lover le déc. 19, 2022

    Thank you for the useful information, Morgana, I shall definitely be using this to perform this ritual later this month!!!

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