Frequently Asked Questions

I thought these were digital products. Why am I being asked for my address?

All Morgana Magick Spell products are digital. However, we need your address information for billing purposes. 

How will I receive my digital purchase?

Upon completing your purchase you will be immediately provided a download link to your product(s). You will also be emailed a link to your download(s). If you don't receive your downloads, wait 15 minutes. You may also want to check your email spam folder. If you still haven't received your purchase, please contact us.

Do my download links expire/have a download limit?

Your download links don't expire, and do not have a download limit, but it's important that you either bookmark the download link or save the download email if you feel you'll need to download again in the future. Download links are generated at the point of purchase. Even if you are signed in, they will NOT be saved to your account.

I see you have a mobile site. Can I download my purchases on mobile?

While you may browse and purchase from any version of our site, please be aware that it can be tricky on mobile.  So yes, you can download your purchases on a mobile device, but we don't necessarily recommend it.

I need a new download link because I lost my link, my computer broke and I lost all my files, etc.

If you lose your link and need a new one within 45 days of your purchase, just contact us. After that point, it is our policy not to provide new download links. We suggest that you backup your files in the cloud or on an external device for safety.

Digital Stickers

How do I print digital stickers?

You'll need a sheet of sticker paper to print digital stickers. Digital Download Shop planner stickers are not designed to be printed on labels (like Avery labels). Set the print size to “Actual Size,” “Page Scaling- None,” or similar to avoid scaling the sticker pages when you print. Then follow your sticker paper's instructions to properly feed it into your printer and print out your stickers. Use scissors or an X-ACTO knife to cut out the stickers. Then use them like you would any other planner stickers!

Where can I find sticker paper?

You can usually find sticker paper in craft supply stores (like Michael's), office supply stores (Office Depot/Office Max), and on Amazon. You'll want to get regular letter size sheets (8.5 x 11").


How do I print a PDF?

You'll need a program that supports PDFS, like Adobe Acrobat (which is free). Open the program, click File- Print. Then set your printer (your Canon, Lexmark, etc.), set the number of copies, and set the print size to "Acutal Size" or "Page Scaling- None" or something similar. Double check your print preview, then click print. If you need to trim your printable for any reason, use scissors or a paper trimmer to remove the excess white space.

What kind of paper should I use?

 Plain everyday printer paper will work, but you will get better results if you purchase paper that is meant for color printing or use photo paper. You may also put your files on a thumb drive and take them to your local office supply for professional printing.