What is Magick?

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What is “Magick”?  The most often quoted answer to that, from Aleister Crowley, says that “Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”  (from “Magick in Theory and Practice”)  Christopher Penczak, says that Magick “is simply manifestation through energy and intent” (“The Outer Temple of Witchcraft” pg. 24).  He reminds us that “Magick” can be thought of as a form of prayer.  It creates a connection between us, and our “will”, and whatever and whoever we may see as Deity and Their Will.  

It is a “partnering” that strengthens the connection between the Deities, the realm of the physical earth, and ourselves so that change can be made manifest.  It is the partnership of our wlil and the force of creation, which brings about change. 

I began creating digital collage Book of Shadows pages over 10 years ago, and I love every minute of it. I am inspired by my Wiccan faith, Coven sisters, and the beauty of the Turning of the Wheel. I have gone on to write two books that are available on Amazon - Modern Wicca and The Solitary Wicca Path. Both books incorporate my passion for writing and creating spells and rituals.