Snowdrop emerging from snow

Blessed Imbolc Sabbat

February 2

Imbolc Sabbat represents growth and the beginning of Spring. The Goddess has overcome the coldness and severity of the Winter and appears as a very young maiden.

This Sabbat is also related to the Fire Goddess Brigid, who rules the arts, poetry, and wisdom in Celtic culture.

Candles usually are the main focal point of this Sabbat as an encouragement for the Sun to continue grow in strength.

I began creating digital collage Book of Shadows pages over 10 years ago, and I love every minute of it. I am inspired by my Wiccan faith, Coven sisters, and the beauty of the Turning of the Wheel. I have gone on to write two books that are available on Amazon - Modern Wicca and The Solitary Wicca Path. Both books incorporate my passion for writing and creating spells and rituals.