Make a Money Charm Bag

Make a Money Charm Bag
Money Charm Bag
  • 1 coin
  • A pinch of dried mint
  • Dried basil leaf wrapped in a dollar bill
  • Lode stone
  • 3 Drops of peppermint oil

On the night of the New Moon place all the ingredients in a 6" green square cloth. Draw up the four corners of the cloth and tie it with a green ribbon.

Harnessing the Magic: A Guide to Using Your Money Charm Bag

The act of crafting a charm bag becomes a sacred communion with the Earth Goddess Herself. Have you woven together a money charm bag, suffused it with your intentions, and are now ready to unlock its potential? Let's embark on this enchanting journey on how to use your money charm bag effectively.

Awakening the Bag’s Essence

Your money charm bag is not merely a pouch of herbs and oils; it is a living talisman that thrives on your interaction and belief. Begin each day by holding your charm bag in your hands. Close your eyes and visualize the Earth's energy rising up, filling the bag with a verdant and thriving light. Picture prosperity as a blossoming flower within the bag, ready to unfold in your life.

A Daily Whisper of Intent

Words have power, especially when whispered with intent. Each morning, greet your charm bag with a simple affirmation like, “May abundance flow, may prosperity grow.” Feel each word as a seed planted in the fertile ground of your life, ready to bring forth a harvest of wealth and success.

Carrying Your Charm

Keep the bag on your person throughout the day to remind you of your intentions. Position it in your wallet, pocket, or purse—a secret companion accompanying you on the path to financial growth. Let it serve as a subtle nudge, aligning your actions towards wealth and abundance.

An Altar of Prosperity

Craft a space within your home for the charm bag—a small altar decorated with symbols of wealth such as coins, golden ornaments, or a bountiful plant. Place your charm bag here when you are home, allowing the altar to magnify its energies and further root your intentions in the physical realm.

The Light of Prosperity

Occasionally, light a green candle—the color of flourishing finances—near your charm bag. As the flame burns, imagine it casting a glow of success upon your charm, energizing your goals and dreams of prosperity.

The Cycle of the Moon

Attune your charm bag with the lunar cycle. During the new moon, sow your intentions; as the moon waxes, imagine your wealth increasing. When the full moon arrives, give thanks for the abundance in your life, however great or small, and as the moon wanes, release any fears or doubts about finances.

Nurturing the Charm

Just as a plant requires water and sunlight, your charm bag needs care. Occasionally open it to infuse fresh herbs or add a new coin, each addition strengthening its power. Speak to it, for it is alive with the spirit of every element combined in its creation.

In the embrace of Witchcraft, your money charm bag is a testament to the connection between the spirit of the plant world and the energies of prosperity. Let every leaf and charm within guide you to the realization that true wealth comes from the heart and is nurtured by the hands. As you walk the path of the Witch, remember that each spell, eachincantation, and each intention is a sacred dialogue with the Earth—respected, cherished, and ever-giving. May your money charm bag be a beacon of this ancient wisdom and a bearer of bountiful harvests in your life. Blessed be.


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