Crafting an Ostara Altar

Crafting an Ostara Altar

 This year Ostara Sabbat will be celebrated on March 19. This celebration of renewal and rebirth is the perfect occasion for crafting and embracing age-old customs that honor the burgeoning life around us. This sabbat, deeply rooted in ancient traditions, offers a plethora of creative ways to celebrate the balance between night and day, as well as the increasing warmth and light.

One enchanting way to welcome Ostara is by creating a spring altar. This can be an inviting project for everyone. Start by choosing a space that feels special to you, then adorn it with symbols of the season:

Eggs: A symbol of fertility and new life, eggs can be painted or decorated to represent the colors of spring.

Bunnies/Rabbits: These cuddly creatures are symbols of rebirth and abundance. Incorporate bunny figurines or plush toys into your altar for a touch of cuteness.

Flowers: Nothing says spring like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Choose blooms that are in season and arrange them in vases or jars on your altar.

Seeds: As we enter the planting season, seeds are representative of growth and potential. Place packets of flower or vegetable seeds on your altar as a reminder to nurture and tend to your own growth this season.

Candles: Preferably in pastel colors such as pink, yellow, and green, candles are a staple in Ostara celebrations. Use them to light your rituals and add an extra touch of ambiance.

Butterflies: These winged creatures symbolize transformation and change. Incorporate butterfly decorations or figurines into your altar to represent the shedding of old habits and embracing new beginnings.

Feathers: A common sign of spring is the return of birds. Feathers can be used on your altar to represent the element of air and the energy of communication and growth.

Ritual Tools: A wand, cauldron, chalice, or athame (ritual knife) can all be incorporated into your Ostara altar as tools for intention setting and spell work.

Divination Tools: Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth, making it an ideal time to consult divination tools such as tarot cards or runes. Use them on your altar to gain insight and guidance for the season ahead.

Crystals: Stones hold powerful energy and can be used to amplify intentions during Ostara rituals. Some crystals associated with spring include:
  • Citrine for abundance,
  • Aquamarine for new beginnings, and
  • Green aventurine for growth and prosperity.

Herbs: Spring is a time of growth and rebirth, making it the perfect season to incorporate fresh herbs into your altar. Some herbs associated with Ostara include:

  • Lavender for relaxation and purification,
  • Rosemary for clarity and protection, and
  • Dandelion for wishes and manifestation.

Colors: The colors of spring, such as pastel shades of pink, green, yellow, and purple, can be incorporated into your altar through candles or decorations. These colors represent renewal, growth, and abundance.

Altar Ritual Ideas:
1. Place a daily offering on your Ostara altar.

2. Meditate with your chosen crystal(s) to amplify your intentions for abundance, new beginnings, growth, or prosperity.

3 . Light a candle in the color of your choice and visualize yourself surrounded by the energy of spring, feeling renewed and full of potential.

4. Write down your wishes or goals for the new season on a piece of paper and burn it in a small fire or candle flame as an offering to the universe.

5. Take a walk outside and collect some flowers or twigs to create a wreath or decorate your altar with. As you gather them, focus on letting go of any negative energies from the past and embracing new opportunities.

6. Incorporate elements of purification into your ritual by cleansing your space with Lavender essential oil or smudging with sage.

7. Create a gratitude list, expressing thanks for all that has come into your life so far and all that is to come in the future.

8. Set intentions for the season ahead, whether it be personal growth, new adventures, or manifesting your dreams into reality.

9. Spend some time journaling and reflecting on what you want to release from your life and what you want to invite in during this time of renewal.

10. Pray or meditate daily focusing on connecting with the energy of spring and setting positive intentions for the coming months.

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