Let's get into the spirit of the season so that we can make the most of the autumn season and have fun celebrating Mabon!Mabon Leaf Banner

Here's a few ideas to inspire you:


Choose an appropriate altar cloth. Select a cloth in a warm autumnal hue such as deep orange, brown, yellow or red to designate the energies of the season. You can also choose a white cloth and add items like dried leaves, berries, pinecones and other natural elements for decoration.


Gather symbols of harvest. Apples are often used to recognize this time of year because they are at the peak of ripeness and have associations with divinity. Other examples of harvest-related items include grains, fruits, vegetables, cornucopias, branches and herbs.


Prepare a seasonal feast. Make sure to include foods like apples, squash and pumpkins that are in season during this time of year. You can also include other traditional dishes such as roasted turkey and cider.


Set up a blessing bowl. Fill the bowl with water, and arrange fall-related items like leaves, twigs and pinecones around it. Place it on your altar to bless the harvest season as well as any other intentions you have for the special day.


Create an offering plate. Use this dish to give thanks for nature’s bounty. Place items like bread, fruit, nuts and honey on the plate to represent your gratitude.
Light candles. Candles can be used to focus your attention and create a peaceful atmosphere. Use colors that are associated with Mabon such as brown, orange or yellow.


Create affirmations for the season. Write down positive statements about the harvest season and your intentions for it. Affirmations can help you stay focused and keep a positive mindset during this special time of year.


Set up a prayer space. Use items like crystals, incense, essential oils and items from nature to create a sacred space that will allow you to connect with the divine energies of Mabon.


Spend some time outdoors. Take a walk in the woods or a stroll through your local park to appreciate nature’s beauty. Connect with the spirit of Mabon and celebrate its energies by connecting with the earth.

Alone Time

Spend some time alone. Dedicate some quiet time for yourself so that you can reflect on all that you have achieved this year and renew your energy for the upcoming season.

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