Communicating with the Spirit World

Communicating with the Spirit World


As  Samhain approaches, the veil between our world and the world of the spirits thins, offering us the unique opportunity to connect with our departed loved ones. Communication with the spirit world as old as humanity itself, is an integral part of our Sabbat Ritual, and understanding it can enhance our spiritual experience.


Understanding Spirit Communication

Historically, people have used various methods to communicate with the spirit world— mediumship and channeling being the most common. So, what do these mean?


Spirit Channeling

Spirit channeling involves a person, often referred to as a channel or medium, who enters into a state of altered consciousness allowing a spirit or other non-physical entity to use their body. In this state, the channeler may speak, write, or act under the guidance of the entity, conveying messages or wisdom from the spirit world. This practice transcends time and culture, being observed in shamanistic societies, spiritualist traditions, and modern New Age movements. Notably, the nature of the channeled information can range from practical advice to profound spiritual teachings, depending on the entity being channeled.




A medium is a person sensitive to the spirit world, capable of establishing a bridge between the human and spirit realms. They allow another spirit to make use of their vocal cords or muscular movements to communicate, either vocally or through automatic writing. The medium always retains total control of their body and can terminate the encounter at any time.


Developing Mediumship Abilities

The journey to becoming a medium requires practice and dedication. Three basic steps to hone your mediumship abilities include deep breathing exercises, regularly opening your chakras, and raising your vibrations.

Deep breathing exercises help create a relaxed state and quiet the mind, allowing you to connect with your spiritual side. Opening your chakras is another critical part of the process, as each one corresponds to different aspects of being— from emotions to intuition. Finally, raising your vibrations helps increase your sensitivity, allowing you to receive messages more clearly and easily from the spirit world.


Raising Vibrations

  The spirit world vibrates at a higher rate than our physical plane. By raising our rate of vibration, we can communicate more effectively with the spirit world.

 Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Practice Gratitude: Practicing gratitude increases your vibration by promoting a positive mindset. You can do this by keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down small and big things in your life you're thankful for every day.

2. Meditate Regularly: Meditation can clear the negative energy field and align your thoughts, which in turn raises your vibrational energy. Even just a few minutes a day can help.

3. Exercise and Healthy Eating: Physical activities like yoga, walking, or any form of exercise that you enjoy can help increase your body's energy level and thus raise your vibration. Similarly, eating healthy, nourishing food can contribute to raising your vibrations.

4. Spending Time in Nature: Nature has a high vibration and spending time outdoors can help attune your energy to match. Whether it's a walk in the park, a hike in the woods, or sitting by the sea, you'll be absorbing the positive energy around you.

5. Use Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations can help change your mindset and raise your vibration. Repeat affirmations such as "I am worthy", "I am loved", and "I am attracting positive energy into my life" to yourself throughout the day.

6. Surround Yourself with Positivity: Positive energy can be contagious. Spend time around people who lift you up, do things that you love and bring you joy, and create a positive and uplifting environment around you.

Remember, raising your vibration is a journey, not an event. Practice these steps consistently to maintain a high vibrational state.


The Afterlife from a Wiccan Perspective

  In the Wiccan belief system, the afterlife is very similar to our earthly plane, but on a higher level of existence. It's a place free from concepts of "good" and "bad", rewards, and punishments, where spirits find peace, understanding, and unconditional love. The Wiccan afterlife is often referred to as the Summerland.

The Summerland is a place of healing, where spirits can find closure on any unfinished business and receive guidance before they transition to their next incarnation. It's also a place to learn new skills and gain knowledge that would otherwise be impossible in earthly life.

To truly understand the Summerland, one must accept its unconditional love, embrace its beauty and grace, and open their heart to receive the guidance of our beloved spirits. With the right intentions, you can use your spiritual gifts to communicate with those who have passed on. In doing so, you can truly tap into the power of Samhain and celebrate this sacred time of transition.


Engaging with Spirit Guides

  Communicating with the Spirit World requires belief, meditation, and relaxation. It's essential to have Spirit Guides—beings who once lived on the physical plane. Spirit Guides are your protectors, helpers, and teachers; they provide insight into the spirit world and offer guidance in times of need. Your Spirit Guides do not interfere with your life but will subtly influence you if you're on a path of self-destruction.

Before attempting communication with the Spirit World, you should begin by meditating on your desired outcome. Make sure to create a safe space for yourself, surrounded by white light that will keep out any unwanted energies. Then establish a connection with your Spirit Guide and ask for assistance. This will help open the channel of communication to those in the spirit world.


Cleansing & Protection Ritual

  Before any psychic work, you need to cleanse and protect yourself. This can be done through a simple ritual involving visualization and deep breathing exercises.

To begin, light a white candle and focus on the flame. Visualize the energy of the flame radiating through your body, cleansing away any negative energies and leaving you surrounded by a protective light. As you breathe in, feel the positive energy surrounding you; as you exhale, release any inner conflict or doubt that may be blocking your psychic abilities. Repeat this ritual until you feel completely cleansed and protected.


Contacting Your Gatekeeper

  Your Gatekeeper, or life guide, is a constant companion from birth until you transition to spirit. They organize the spirits on the astral plane that are ready to communicate with you and protect you from unwanted spirits. This guide can be contacted through a meditative journey, offering you the opportunity to ask all you wish to know.

As you make contact with your Gatekeeper, it’s important to remain open and trusting of the answers they provide. They may not always give the answers you expect or desire, but they will offer wise advice that is true for your path at this moment in time. Be sure to thank them for their guidance before closing the connection.

Gatekeeper Meditation

To begin the Gatekeeper Meditation, first find a quiet and peaceful place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably and take a moment to ground yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. As you breathe, visualize your body being filled with a calming, white light.

Now, imagine a beautiful, serene garden in front of you. Walk towards the garden and notice the feeling of the grass beneath your feet, the sound of the birds, and the scent of the blooming flowers. As you continue to walk, you see a gate at the end of the path. This is the gateway to the spirit realm where your Gatekeeper awaits.

As you approach the gate, call upon your Gatekeeper. Speak from your heart and with respect, request for their presence. "I call upon my Gatekeeper, the guardian of my spiritual path, to guide and protect me in this meditation. I seek your wisdom and guidance."

Now, visualize the gate slowly opening. As it does, your Gatekeeper appears. Greet them with love and gratitude, then ask your questions or share your concerns. Listen carefully to their responses, remembering that they communicate in various ways, from words to feelings, images, and symbols.

Once you have received their guidance, express your appreciation and say your goodbyes. Watch as they retreat and the gate closes. Take a moment to acknowledge the wisdom you have gained, then slowly draw your awareness back to the physical world. Remember, the wisdom of your Gatekeeper is always available to you; all you need to do is ask.


As we approach Samhain, may your journey into the spirit world be safe, enlightening, and filled with love.

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