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BELTANE SABBAT Printable 7 pages

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BELTANE is a day for fertility rites, light-hearted celebration and sexual revelry, for love-chases, maypole dancing and performing the Great Rite to honour the Mother: make May Baskets and weave flower garlands - choose a May Queen to represent the Goddess - wear green and crowns of flowers - dance naked in the crops or ride a broomstick through the fields, for the fertility of the land - leave offerings for fairies - gather in sacred groves - pay homage to your household gods. In the Wheel of the Year, the Goddess and God reach young adulthood; both are in their green prime. They become lovers and consummate their union. There is joy throughout the land.  Files come with both a coloured and white background for easy printing.

  • Beltane Book of Shadows Divider Page
  • Beltane Correspondences Page
  • Beltane Goddess Flora Page
  • Beltane Ribbon Spell Page
  • Beltane Blank Page
  • Lined Spells Blank Page
  • Lined Recipes Blank Page