Welcome to January

Welcome to January - Morgana Magick Spell

January Moonstone

January is associated with the Moonstone, which is a beautiful, translucent stone that is believed to bring balance, harmony, and clarity to its wearer. Moonstone is thought to be especially powerful during the full moon and can be used to enhance intuition and creativity. It is also associated with luck, protection, and self-discovery.

On the Celtic Tree Calendar, the month of January is Rowan.

Did you know that according to Celtic folklore, the Rowan tree was said to be a powerful protection against evil spirits? Additionally, Rowan trees were often planted near homes and graveyards to bring good luck and protection to those who lived and passed away there.

January is ruled by the sign of Aquarius.

January is indeed ruled by the Aquarius zodiac sign, which is known for its creativity, intelligence, and independence. People born under this sign are often seen as independent thinkers and have an affinity for humanitarian causes. Aquarius is an air sign, which means it is associated with communication, intelligence, and connection. People under this sign often have an easy time communicating and connecting with others. They tend to be quite creative and inventive and often come up with unique solutions to problems. Aquarius is a sign of friendship, so it is not surprising that they are often found in social circles.

The Full Moon in January will arrive on January 6th.

Happy Full Moon! On Friday, January 6th, we'll be able to witness an extra special Full Moon! It's sometimes referred to as the Wolf Moon, as it is the first Full Moon of the year, and it traditionally signifies a time of increased activity. It's also a great time to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. Enjoy the beauty of the night sky!

January Monthly Intentions

January is a great time to tap into your psychic ability and Aquarian eccentricity, which are connected to the element of Air. Take this time to write poetry and create! Go within and celebrate your shadows, inner crone, and wise woman. It is believed that the veil between this world and the next is thin during this month, and so this is an ideal time to be still and to listen for the whispers from beyond. You may even hear the sound of the Welsh hellhounds' paws against the earth. Use this time to find your own inner wisdom and to feel renewed in 2023.

January is a great month to set intentions and take steps to achieve your goals. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Mindset: Focus on positive thinking and staying connected to your goals and purpose.
  • Relationships: Take action to foster meaningful relationships with the people that matter in your life.
  • Health: Make an effort to look after your physical, mental, and emotional health through healthy eating, exercise, and self-care.
  • Career: Identify potential goals and action steps to help you move your career forward.
  • Finances: Make a plan to stay on top of your finances and establish a budget.

No matter what your goals are, remember to be kind to yourself and take things one day at a time. Have a wonderful January!

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