How To Craft a Magick Spell

How To Craft a Magick Spell - Morgana Magick Spell

For those of you searching for the answer to crafting your own powerful spells, know that it begins with understanding what a spell actually is. Magic can be described as an enchantment caused by or resembling an incantation - words spoken or written in order to achieve a desired result. To get started on writing your own unique and magical charm, just remember: Words have power! Let them flow from within and observe their effects take shape into reality.

 So why then the use of herbs, oils, crystals and a lot of other tools of the craft?

Using the right crystals, herbs, and oils in spell work can be incredibly beneficial - yet they are nothing without our powerful intent. When we cast a spell, it is paramount to focus fully on its purpose; if attention waivers or other thoughts creep up then no amount of magical tools will enable us to manifest what we desire. Spirit guides us ever onward by reminding of this truth!

 Through the careful selection of herbs, crystals, and other components for spellcasting we can clear our minds from mundane tasks. Every ingredient is carefully chosen with intention; as if playing an ancient game of Twister - combining together while sending out intentional energies into the world. Enjoy preparing each component knowing you have something amazing ahead...

 Lighting a candle can be one of the most powerful ways to cast your spell.

Choose wisely and select colors that convey just what you intend, with white as an all-purpose substitute when needed. To further charge this ritualized act of intention-setting, adorn it by rubbing on some special oil or engrave symbols into the wax – like a sigil for yourself or someone else’s birthdate! As you work those magickal tools in tandem, stay focused firmly yet compassionately on why these steps are being taken so that their power may manifest fully.

 We are almost there - just one more step and our spell will be ready!

Take the time to truly connect with your power as you write your words of intention, for it is these words that will bind together your unique ritual. Whether they rhyme or not, simple, or sophisticated doesn't really matter; focus on expressing who YOU are in a way that resonates deeply within yourself. Trust me when I say you won’t have any trouble coming up with something beautiful beyond imagination – because after all, magic comes from inside of us!

Now we have all that is needed to start the sacred spell ritual.

You may cast a circle if you wish, but for a simple spell there's no need, just find yourself a peaceful spot and take three deep breaths in preparation. Light your candle with purpose and set down any crystals close by; then gather your herbs of choice.  Fresh herbs can be used “as is” and dried herbs may be combined into one potent blend using a mortar and pestle.  Chant aloud your words of magic and repeat your incantation as many times as feels right!

 When your spell is complete:

Safely store away the candle and take the herbs outdoors and offer them to the Earth.  Carry the crystals or stones with you during daily activities or place them on your altar or any other prominent place - allowing their energy to work its magic.

 Intention is the key that unlocks your magical power - the heart of any spell.

Rituals can help to connect us deeper with our craft and amplify intention, enabling it to reverberate through every aspect of mind, body and spirit. With each step taken we are freeing ourselves from daily worries as energy builds within; this potent combination manifests a powerful manifestation!

 Crafting a spell can be an incredibly worthwhile journey, and there are countless ways to do it. Just remember to trust yourself; focus your studies; stay true to your heart - and you'll write magnificent spells that will bring about beautiful changes in no time!



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