Circle Casting FAQ

Circle Casting FAQ - Morgana Magick Spell

How do I know that I'm Casting a Circle Correctly?

How do I know if I'm getting it right? Or how do I know if I'm doing it wrong?

Like breathing, Casting a Circle for ritual use is a natural body/mind function that can't truly be done WRONG. With practice, visualization, repetition, research and the inevitable changes that you make to suit your own particular style, your Circle Casting will grow into metaphysical perfection, but until then, you still can't get it "wrong."  A Wiccan circle can be as complex or as simple as you want. It's YOUR call.

What if I have to leave during the Circle?

It happens. In a personal Circle, it's best to end it, go do what you need to do, then recast when you're done. In a group Circle, it's best to be "let out" by the person who cast the circle. Most of the time, the Circle is left through a "door" cut in the side of the Circle. Trace a door in a rough oval or rectangle in the air of the Circle with the Athamé in your power hand. After you've stepped through, close the door by retracing the shape with the Athamé or hand and visualize the undoing of the cut.

Do I need to be initiated or have a degree to Cast a Circle?

No you don't, practice will make perfect! Everyone has their own method of Casting, and it is important that you become comfortable and adept. The Circle is there to protect you and to amplify the energy that you raise during ritual and magick. It should feel like a warm cloak of protection and is nothing to be afraid of! 

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