Channeling Blue Moon Magick: A Mystical Guide to Enhancing Your Spiritual Journey

Channeling Blue Moon Magick: A Mystical Guide to Enhancing Your Spiritual Journey

Are you ready for the Blue Moon?

August 30, 2023, is the first Blue Moon since 2021, and it's an exciting time for many people. It's a unique opportunity to practice magick, channel energy, and bring powerful spiritual transformation into your life.

This Blue Moon will be in Aquarius, so it is very likely to bring about unexpected changes and new beginnings. It's an ideal time to reflect on your current spiritual journey and make the necessary shifts to reach a higher level of enlightenment.

But how do you tap into the power of this Blue Moon? How can you channel its magickal energy to enhance your own spiritual development?

We'll explore the spiritual power of Blue Moon Magick and guide you on your mystical journey.

Keep reading to find out how to use Blue Moon magick to awaken your soul!


What Is a Blue Moon?

The term 'Blue Moon' refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. It is a relatively rare occurrence, happening only once every two to three years. The phrase "once in a blue moon" comes from this phenomena. The Blue Moon is a potent and energetically charged time where the universe gifts us an opportunity to manifest and release energies, making it a perfect time for spell work, cleansing, and manifesting.


What is Blue Moon Magick?

This Blue Moon is especially powerful for magickal workings, as it brings heightened spiritual insight, and psychic awareness. Additionally, the full Blue Moon is linked to emotional transformation and healing, a deep connection with one's intuition, the encouragement of creative endeavors and manifestation of goals and desires. It also provides an opportunity to open to spiritual enlightenment and transformation on a deeper level.

Blue Moon Magick offers a unique opportunity to align with the cosmic forces and accelerate your spiritual journey. Remember, the power of the Blue Moon isn't just about the night itself, but also the days leading up to and following it. Its influence permeates throughout this period, providing ample time to incorporate its energy into your spiritual practices.


Harnessing Blue Moon Energy

The Blue Moon is an excellent time to perform ritual work and spells. Here are few tips on how you can take an active role to tap into this rare moon magick!


1  Create an altar or sacred space dedicated to the Blue Moon to open your mind and spirit to the moon energies. Be sure to decorate it with plenty of blue, using candles, crystals, moon images and deities, incense, and any other items that you feel drawn to.


 2  Write your intentions for this Blue Moon- what do you want to manifest or release? Journaling can help bring clarity on what energies need to be invoked or released during this time.


3  Spend some time outdoors under the light of the moon - connecting to the moon's energy and allowing it to flow through you. Set a timer and meditate for at least 15 minutes, envisioning your goals and dreams coming into fruition as you slowly breath in and out - with each inhalation, allow yourself to be filled with positive energy on each inhale and release any negative vibes on the exhale!


4  Utilise crystals and stones - the power of crystals are amplified under a full moon, so it is an excellent time to set crystal grids for protection or healing.


 5  Celebrate! – Get together with friends and family, hold a moon party or create a ritual dedicated to the moon. Allow yourself to truly revel in the joy of manifesting your dreams into reality!


6  Make Blue Moon Water, you won't get another chance for a long time!


7  Do grounding activities such as yoga, walking in nature, or immersing yourself in a hot bath can help to further connect you to the energy of the Blue Moon.


 8  After performing your ritual or spell work, take time for gratitude - thank the Universe for aiding you in manifesting your intentions.


    So what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity to embrace the magickal energy of the Blue Moon and let it guide you on your journey of protection or healing. Make sure you make the most of it!


    Crafting a Blue Moon intention candle

    Crafting a candle with intention is an excellent way to utilize the Blue Moon's energy. Choose a candle in a blue or silver color and carve your intention into the wax using a nut pick or other carving tool. Next rub the candle with an essential oil, such as jasmine, lavender or sandalwood. Then roll the candle in some dried herbs (check the magickal correspondences below for ideas) and place it in a candle holder.  If you wish you may ring the candle with more flowers and herbs along with stones and crystals. Light the candle during your Blue Moon ritual and let it burn fully to release the energy of your intention into the universe.


    Honor yourself during the Blue Moon

    The Blue Moon is also an excellent time to honor your spiritual journey, personal growth and development, and to check-in with yourself to acknowledge your efforts and achievements. Take time to journal, walk in nature, or perform any ritual that brings you at peace and joy, then reflect positively on your past and reaffirm your intentions for the future. This helps you cultivate a positive relationship with the energy of the universe, harness its power, and manifest your dreams.


    Blue Moon Magickal Correspondences

    Candle Colors - Blue, white, purple

    Crystals - Blue lace agate, angelite, azurite, fluorite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, sodalite

    Deities - Ceridwen, Hecate, Selene

    Element - Water

    Herbs and Flowers - Cornflower, hydrangea, periwinkle, sweet pea, borage, sage, rosemary, blueberries, grapes

    Incense - Sandalwood, dragon's blood, frankincense, myrrh, crocus flower petals, jasmine flowers, lavender buds

    Animals - Rabbit, wolf, owl, bat, fox, cat

    Magick - Psychic abilities, cleansing, protection


        Blue Moon Prayer


        Blue Moon Wishing Spell  

        1  Cut out a circle of blue paper.

        2  Write three wishes on the paper in blue ink.

        3  Fold the paper in three, and seal it with blue wax.

        4  Place the paper in the moonlight and leave it for a few hours or overnight.

        5  Keep your wishes on your altar until they all come true!


        Blue Moon Healing Salt Bath

        1/2 Cup Epsom Salt
        1 tsp. Cinnamon
        1 tsp. Lavender
        1 tsp. Pine
        1 tsp. Rosemary
        1 tsp. Sandalwood

            Fill your tub with warm water and add the salt mixture. Light some candles or incense to help create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Let go of all worries and focus on positive thoughts that align with your intention. Use a crystal or stone to help amplify the energy of your intention and place it on the edge of the tub. Soak in the salt bath for at least 15 minutes and let yourself melt into relaxation. When you are ready, end by washing off any remaining salt water with clean warm water.

             In Conclusion

            The Blue Moon can elevate your spiritual journey and amplify your magick to new heights. Whether you choose to connect through meditation, ritual, or crafting an intention candle, remember to always honor yourself, your spiritual growth, and personal journey. May the Blue Moon's energy guide and bless your journey, as you manifest your dreams into your physical reality. Blessed be.


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