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Morgana Magick

YEW CELTIC TREE Druid Tree Month Printable Page

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YEW CELTIC TREE - This is not assigned a Celtic Tree Month but is included due to its significance in Celtic Tree Lore.  The Celtic Tree Months are not based on historical fact but are a celebration of a year of trees that is a beautiful idea to focus your attention on specific trees and the magickal insights that they will provide you. There are 13 months because the Celtic calendar was based on the Moon rather than the Sun. I have included a couple more sacred Celtic Trees in this series that aren't associated with a month simply because they were so very important to the Celtic culture and mythology.

Page includes:

  • *Yew Magick
  • *The Yew Faerie
  • *Yew Correspondences
  • *A Yew Magick Spell