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  • HERBAL LOVE POTION Printable Page - Morgana Magick Spell
  • HERBAL LOVE POTION Printable Page - Morgana Magick Spell
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Morgana Magick Spell


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Create a magickal 💕LOVE POTION 💕to give to your Sweetheart by grinding herbs in your mortar & pestle and using the power of your intention to enchant them. Love is a magical experience, but sometimes, you might still need a little nudge of magick to push you both in the right direction. You can create this simple love potion with a few key ingredients that are easy to find. Not only are love potions real, but they have rich historical roots, and have continued to evolve over time. Love potions reportedly date back as far as Biblical times when it was believed that potions could inspire passionate love!

Please remember that if you make a love potion intending to make someone love you forever, you’ll run into some difficulties. First, it's bad karma to "make" someone do something against their free will and second if you ever decide that you want to end that relationship you could end up with a stalker.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you’re setting the intention for your love potions.
*Consider keeping your love intention extremely general. Don't focus on a particular person, instead focus on the traits that you want your lover to have.
*Bind your spell by time, such as a spell that is in effect for only one Moon cycle then if you're not happy with the results it's not a lifetime commitment.
*Instead of conjuring a "love" person why not try to bring about a romantic situation, that way you're open to whatever love is brewing for you.


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