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Morgana Magick

LOVE MAGICK BUNDLE Printable 17 pages

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Love Magick Bundle to add to your witchy grimoire or book of shadows. SPELLS, CORRESPONDENCES, POTIONS. GODDESSES 17 pages including 9 brand new original love spells! Everything you need to know about casting love spells, including correspondences, history, and a bonus šŸ§”Love Magick TitlešŸ§” page.

Included in the Love Magick Bundle:

  • Love Magick Front Page
  • Love Correspondences
  • Love Goddesses 1
  • Love Goddesses 2
  • The Magick of Love
  • Hellenistic Love Magick
  • Love Oils 1
  • Love Oils 2
  • Love Dream Spell
  • Love Letter Spell
  • Ā Love Amulet
  • Love Mojo Bag
  • Love Potion
  • Love Partner Spell
  • Love Seduction Spell
  • Ā Love Stone Spell
  • Venus Love SpellĀ