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Morgana Magick

LITHA Wiccan Sabbat, Midsummer Printable 8 Pages

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Litha Sabbat is celebrated at the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year, marking the pinnacle of the Sun’s power to fuel the growing season. From here on out, the Sun will set a little earlier each night until Yule, and so we recognize and give thanks for its warmth.  The files will come with both the parchment background shown and a white background for easy printing.  You will get:

  • Litha Book of Shadows Divider Page
  • Litha Correspondences Page
  • Litha Goddess and God Page
  • Litha Abundance Spell 2 Pages
  • Litha Spells Lined Page
  • Litha Recipes Lined Page
  • Litha Blank Page