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Morgana Magick

IMBOLC SABBAT Printable 7 Pages

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IMBOLC (Candlemas Imbolg and Oimelc) is a celebration to mark the re-birth of the sun and the end of winter. Soon the Goddess will return from the Underworld and the Earth will be reborn. The Celts called this holiday Brigid’s Day or Brid’s Day (pronounced Breed’s). Imbolg was the ancient Celtic festival celebrating the birth and freshening of sheep and goats and was also called Oimelc meaning ewe's milk. This is a time of great anticipation and the celebration of possibilities. New life is about to awaken, the earth is becoming ready to receive the seeds of promise. 

IMBOLC Wiccan Sabbat Printable Set, 7 pages. The files will come with both a parchment background and a white background for easy printing.

  •  Imbolc Book of Shadows Divider Page
  • Imbolc Correspondences Page
  • Imbolc Goddess Brigid 2 Pages
  • Imbolc Candle Magick Spell 2 Pages
  • Imbolc Blank Page