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Morgana Magick

ANCIENT SPELLS PARCHMENTS 17th Century Printable 25 Pages

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A 17th Century Spell Book has been discovered and newly translated! Imagine using the actual words and incantations of the Witches of Olde - 25 pages include copies of the handwritten spells and translations in English for each spell.  This would be a great addition to your Book of Shadows!

You will receive 12 spells and their translations:

  • A Night Spell
  • Against all Enemies
  • Charms for Theft and Enemies
  • Love Charms
  • Protection Sigil
  • Solomon's Girdle - to protect against witchcraft
  • Speak with Spirits
  • Catch a Spirit in a Glass
  • Find Treasure and Gain Knowledge
  • Gain Power over Spirits
  • To Win at Dice
  • Virtues of Herbs