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Morgana Magick


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Witchcraft Labels come with a blank lined space to add ingredients, recipes, and notes to your bottles, bags, jars and spells. There are 30 different labels, all unique and handcrafted by me! These are handy little labels to have on hand for all your lotions, potions, brews and spells! The labels come in a few different shapes and all are 3" at the longest or widest point. There are labels specially made for Moon Phases, potion lists, from the Cauldron of, spell and potion ingredients and much more. Once the labels are printed, my preferred method of applying them to bottles and jars is by using modge podge to glue them on and to protect them. You could also print the labels onto a full sheet mailing label sticker and then cut them out and apply them to your jars. Or you can simply print them, cut them out and glue them onto your bags, bottles and containers.