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Nine WITCHCRAFT ALCHEMY LABELS PDF. Each label is unique, with images that are significant to the art of Alchemy.

THE BLACK CROW - The Black Crow sometimes also the Raven is the beginning of the great work of soul alchemy
THE TOAD - In the old alchemist writings, the black toad is one of the lesser used symbols for the process of fermentation
THE MORTAR & PESTLE - Used by the Alchemist to crush and combine ingredients
THE SALAMANDER - Is the symbol of Sulfur and of the Secret Fire.
THE HERBS - Some are poison, some are not, the alchemist shall understand the properties of all.

The labels come in 3 sizes:
3" x 1.75" Rectangle
3" Triangle
3" Round

Printable Alchemy Labels. With your purchase, you will be able to download a high quality, 8.5 x 11 inch image. Watermark will NOT appear on your images.

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