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VINTAGE APOTHECARY Mason Jar Labels 4" x 3", the perfect size for the larger mason jars. Perfect to use for your own craft projects, transfers, making prints, digital collages etc. You can cut out the printed images and glue them onto your projects OR you can print them on full sheet sticker paper and cut them out.

Once the labels are printed, my preferred method of applying them to bottles and jars is by using modge podge to glue them on and to protect them. You could also print the labels onto a full sheet mailing label sticker and then cut them out and apply them to your jars. Or you can simply print them, cut them out and glue them onto your containers. I dry my hand picked herbs in paper bags and like to fancy them up a bit by applying a pretty label rather than just writing the name on the bag. The herb bags look very witchy!

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