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Faerie Book of Shadows, Aine and Fennel, Alven Faeries, Banshee, Blue Faerie, Butterfly Faerie, Columbine Faerie, Cornflower Faerie, Cowslip Faerie, Dryad, Elder Faerie, Faerie Altar, Faerie Crystal, Flower Faerie, Faerie Star, Faerie Tea, Fern Faerie, Gnome, Imbolc Faerie, Lavender Faerie, Leanan Sidhe, Leprechaun, Faerie Queen Mab, Mermaid, Rose Faerie, Rosemary Faerie, Fire Salamander, Selkie, Sight a Faerie, Sky Faerie, Sylph, Trooping Faerie, Undine, Wisteria Faerie