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The occult, metaphysical wisdom and mystery of the MARS PENTACLES of SOLOMON 8 Pages - from the most famous and important of all Grimoires of Magic. You will receive all 7 of the Mars Pentacles and an instruction sheet on how to use them in your magick spells and rituals.

  • 1st Pentacle of Mars
    For physical manifestation
  • 2nd Pentacle of Mars
    Counteract disease and ill health
  • 3rd Pentacle of Mars
    For resisting one's enemies and for exciting wrath, discord and hostility between them
  • 4th Pentacle of Mars
    For victory
  • 5th Pentacle of Mars
    For dominance over others, protection and transformation
  • 6th Pentacle of Mars
    For over-all protection, and to turn assaults made upon one against the attacker
  • 7th Pentacle of Mars
    To confuse one's enemies

Printable Book of Shadows pages. With your purchase, you will be able to download high quality, 8.5 x 11 inch images. Watermark will NOT appear on your images.