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The occult, metaphysical wisdom and mystery of the SATURN PENTACLES of SOLOMON - from the most famous and important of all Grimoires of Magic. You will receive all 7 of the Saturn Pentacles and an instruction sheet on how to use them in your magick spells and rituals.

1st Pentacle of Saturn
To compel others to comply with your wishes

2nd Pentacle of Saturn
To counteract grief caused by enemies

3rd Pentacle of Saturn
For nocturnal magick involving Karma, banishing, and change
4th Pentacle of Saturn
For rituals and magic concerning death, ruin and destruction

5th Pentacle of Saturn
Protection against spirits during nocturnal workings, drives away guardians of treasure troves

6th Pentacle of Saturn
Protection against enemies and unwanted forces

7th Pentacle of Saturn
To cause or intensify the severity of an earthquake

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